SOLDATA provides advanced Monitoring & Diagnostics technologies & services

for Risk mitigation connected to the Construction & Operations of sites.


Latest News

Soldata selected for monitoring the CRL in Auckland

The City Rail Link project in Auckland is an underground rail line linking Britomart and the city centre with the existing western line near Mt Edeno. The Enabling Works consisting of pipe jacking, cut and cover and underpin of the Central Post Office (CPO) have now started. Soldata Oceania has been selected to provide the full monitoring services for this construction including the critical monitoring of the heritage CPO building. Cyclops & Centaur real-time monitoring station will be installed and operated 24/7 for monitorig potential building movments and road settlements. Data will be collected in a central database and made avaialble over the Cloud using Geoscope integrated sensor data management systemMore information about the project...

In London, Crossrail confirms monitoring contract cancellation and re-award to Soldata

Instrumentation and monitoring for Crossrail will now be undertaken solely by Soldata after Itmsoil’s contract on the new London rail scheme was cancelled by the infrastructure developer.  More...

Beyond traditional Technologies

SOLDATA masters all traditional technologies commonly used for geotechnical or structural monitoring such as Piezometer, extensiometer, Inclinometer, load cell, strain gages.... instrumentation but beyond that, we've developed and deploys advanced technologies including satellite monitoring or Electrical Cylinder which are yielding unrivaled results in terms of information to support decision in a cost effective way. 


Integrated decision support system

Imagine a unique platform for all your data and clever interfaces to understand the situation at a glance.